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How to Make Homemade Tiger Balm That Works

Every once in awhile, we experience aches and pains caused by overexertion, vigorous exercise or even moving furniture. Caring for aching, sore muscles through the application of Tiger Balm provides many individuals with effective relief. You don't have to run out to the store for pain-relief heating pads or patches. Instead, make a batch of Tiger Balm at home. While Tiger Balm recipes may vary, the ointment provides one of the most popular remedies for not only sore muscles, but for chest colds and congestion as well

Mix together and heat 1/2 ounce of beeswax and approximately 2 ounces of coconut or extra-virgin olive oil in a double boiler, or place a small saucepan inside another to make your own double boiler. Place water to heat in the bottom pot or pan, and place smaller saucepan for mixed ingredients inside that one. Heat this mixture over low heat, stirring constantly until it's melted. Then remove from heat.

Add approximately 10 drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus oils and about five drops of clove oil. Mix and stir these essential oils into the beeswax and olive oil mixture thoroughly. Allow the heated mixture to cool for several minutes.

Add fresh herbs to the mixture if you desire. Herbs such as garden sage, wintergreen, black haw and willow are effective in the treatment of aching muscles and joints, says Project Aware. To prepare the herbs for inclusion in the Tiger Balm recipe, boil roughly 1 tablespoon herbs (or more if you wish) in a pint of water. Boil for several minutes until liquid is reduced by half.

Strain the herbs from the water infusion, and add desired amount of infused herbal water into the mixture of beeswax and olive oil. Heat this mixture until the water has evaporated. Allow the mixture to cool for five minutes.

Pour the oil mixture into a clean, medium-size glass or metal container. Let stand until completely cooled

Dip fingers or a small, clean cloth into the homemade Tiger Balm, and apply in a gentle, circular motion to the aching part of the body. You may also apply a poultice by completely saturating a small cloth or piece of cheesecloth in the Tiger Balm and wrapping a wrist or ankle with the cloth. Hold in place with an elastic bandage or towel. Or, place the saturated cloth onto the chest for relief of cold symptoms, suggests
Things You'll Need
* Beeswax
* Coconut oil (optional)
* Extra-virgin olive oil
* Double boiler (optional)
* Peppermint essential oil
* Eucalyptus essential oil
* Clove oil
* Herbs: wintergreen, willow, black haw, garden sage (optional)
* Glass jar or metal container
* Cloth

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