lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

How Does Massage Oil Affect Us Internally?

The When the body is massaged with a herb infused oil combined with essential oils, the skin is coated with the oils. Our skin can absorb substances with small molecular structures. The oils are then absorbed into our skin and underlying tissues and takes throughout the body via blood. The particles are taken to where they will be most beneficial. Our bodies have a great intelligence and know where these particles are most needed for healing; just like when we eat something, our bodies break-down and digest the foods, and the different parts of the food (ie: nutrients, minerals, proteins, fats,etc…) when broken-down into particles are taken to different parts of our bodies, the parts where they are needed.

Once the essential oil particles are in our bodies they also have an effect on our mind; emotionally and psychologically. Many essential oils not only affect our bodies physically, they may also have the ability to reduce depression, feelings of anxiety or mental fatigue. Some of the most potent and sweet part of medicinal herbs are their volatile oils.

The Nose and Lungs

The vapors from the oils are breathed into our lungs. The vapors are tiny particles that travel down our airway directly into our lungs. The particles of the essential oils are mixed with oxygen and are exchanged for carbon dioxide when we breathe. The oxygen molecules along with the essential oil vapors, are carried throughout our bodies via our blood. The olfactory glands signal different parts of the brain and directly link smells to certain memories and emotions. Essential oils smell wonderful, uplift our spirits, as well as heal and promote overall balance through their action on a variety of different aspects that make up who are are; balance through body, mind and spirit.

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